Who's Your Buyer? Understanding HR Technology Buyer Personas

No matter what industry you’re working in, it’s important to understand your buyers. But if you’re a marketer in the HR technology space, understanding your buyers can be more confusing than in other sectors.

There are a lot of different kinds of HR tech buyers — “a lot of people crowding the goalie box,” says Jason Seiden, CEO of Brand Amper. Before the sale is over, he says, it’s not uncommon for the following people to have a hand in the decision-making process:

  • Head of recruiting
  • Vice president of HR
  • CMO
  • Head of internal communications
  • CIO and IT directors
  • CEO and other senior leaders

Recruiters certainly have different goals and priorities than CIOs. So, the first step to creating an effective content marketing strategy for your HR tech product is to get to know your buyers — all of them. And you can do that by creating buyer personas using these three steps:

Define Your Audience

If you’re not sure who your core buyer is, look at your sales history. What sales did your team close this year? Who were the main (and supporting) buyers? What were their roles, and how did they work together? What was each buyer’s top priority when looking for a solution?

Then, look more closely at your client list. Who are your best clients — the ones you love working with? What do those people have in common? What are their job titles?

Make a list of all of the job titles of all of your potential buyers and note those you’re most interested in selling to.

Dig Deeper

Then, start asking more questions about each of your buyers, including:

  • How old is he?
  • How could she impress her boss?
  • What does his work day look like?
  • What social networks does she use?
  • What are the hardest parts of his job?
  • What does she read to stay on top of new trends?
  • What challenges does he need help overcoming?
  • What does she hate about her current tools and solutions?

The more information you have about your buyers, the more complete — and useful — your buyer personas will be. And once you know who you’re talking to, you can take your content from boring to brilliant.

Understand Your Buyers’ Challenges — and Choices

Marketing technology solutions to HR is more difficult than to other audiences, says Allocadia CMO James Thomas. The amount of options available can be a challenge for HR teams to navigate — they know how to buy software, but they’re hesitant to do so in case they make the wrong decision. So, you might need to increase your marketing budget to make sure you’re effectively reaching and educating your audience.

“The average tech company spends eight to 12 percent of revenue on marketing, but if you’re going to address the HR market, it needs to be on the upper end of that” range to stand out in the market, Thomas says.

To understand the buying dilemma your audience is facing, get to know your own market. Who are your competitors? How are they talking to your audience? What makes you different?

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