Successful business blogs require a steady stream of content, and it can sometimes be tough to come up with fresh ideas for what to write about. B2B content marketing can be particularly challenging.

Here are three reliable places to look for inspiration:

  • Interview your customers. Ask for their take on industry trends, and give them a chance to brag a little about their accomplishments for the year. If you’re interviewing an executive, ask about his leadership philosophy. If you’re spotlighting a business owner, ask her for advice on entrepreneurship. For examples of the type of questions that work well, check out Adam Bryant’s Corner Office series in The New York Times.
  • Check out your competitors’ content. Take a look at any white papers, research reports or blog posts they are putting out there. Are they saying anything compelling? Anything you disagree with? Caution: It’s appropriate to counter your competitors’ ideas, but you don’t want to get into a back and forth over whose products or services are better. You’ll both look bad and your customers will be insanely bored. And be generous in giving rivals credit for their work and linking back to it. Think thought leader here — not sales pitch.
  • Attend an industry event. I really do mean attend, not just sponsor. A flashy booth may raise your profile, but manning it all day means you miss the real action of the conference. So grab a notebook, a smartphone or laptop, and a stack of business cards and step out for a few hours each day. Take notes at interesting sessions and post recaps of them on your blog. Live-tweet during presentations, using the event’s hashtag. Bonus: You’re also likely to meet more prospective customers this way.

What are some of your favorite places to find inspiration for content for your business blog?

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3 thoughts on “What should my company blog about?

  1. I subscribe to industry newsletters and with a bit of skimming the headlines, many blog posts were inspired. Monitoring Twitter feeds is also a great tool for writers block. With B2B the people/industry leaders one follows are great resources for articles and ideas as well.

  2. I like to look at the featured articles in LinkedIn as well as other headline news and then look for ways to make the topic relevant for my audience of small business followers.

  3. I ask the businesses local to my own what they would like me to write about them. Works a treat – they get a bit of publicity, I get something to write about – win:win!

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