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What Makes a Great Audio Content Strategy?

When we think of audio content, we think podcasts. And while podcasts’ popularity has been skyrocketing over the past decade, for B2B brands audio content means so much more than that. Services like Alexa flash briefings and audio streaming channels, as well as site like Youtube, offer a wealth of options for reaching your audience.

And with more people working remotely now than ever, many people are looking for high-quality content related to their fields that’s easy to consume. That means that audio content can be the perfect tool for your B2B marketing strategy.

But producing quality audio content is not easy. It requires a clear concept, the right channel, the proper equipment and lots of planning. To attract an audience, you’ve got to invest the time and effort into planning the right content and getting the highest quality audio you can.

In the past with less competition for listeners, the bar for audio production for podcasts was lower. Gone are the days of throwing together a podcast with two dudes and a mic, though. While a lot of podcasts out there today continue to produce mediocre production values, if you’re launching a podcast now, the competition for listeners is much stiffer — and that means the bar is higher.

It's worth the effort to create good content with high production values so you can rise above the fray. You can differentiate your content and your brand with high production values. And if you’re successful, your podcast or flash briefing can pay off with fans dedicated to you and your brand.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of producing good audio content.

Put Content First

Nail the Technical Details

Plan, Plan, Plan

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