Use Data to Boost Your Email Marketing ROI

Use Data to Boost Your Email Marketing ROICollecting, analyzing and employing meaningful data is extremely valuable to any content marketing effort. Paying attention to what your measurements are telling you and adjusting your tactics accordingly can make a huge difference in your return on investment.

This week, I’ve collected some articles and blog posts that will show you how to use data to boost your email marketing ROI.

4 Ways to Improve Email Marketing Using Data, by Drew Woolley via FierceCMO: “For some time there has been an assumption that the most engaged email recipients are interacting just two or three times more than those that are less engaged. In fact, Winterberry’s report indicates that could be a damaging outlook for many marketers. ‘This assumption directly leads to bad sending strategies,’ he said. ‘The truth is, the top 10 percent of engaged recipients are 100 times more likely to engage in your email marketing campaign. By recognizing this, marketers will see that sending strategies can’t be one-size-fits-all.’ Data is pointless if you don’t know how to put it to use, and Beach suggested that responsive formatting and personalization are two of the biggest ways email marketers can use data to improve their content.”

Less Is More: Simple Data Serves Killer Email Marketing, by Mike O’Brian via Clickz: “’Our goal is to figure out who would be the most relevant,’ Trongone says. ‘We have a complicated set of products at various price points so we want to layer on the demographic data. We want to be like, ‘Who would be likely to purchase a suit in an email for $500?’ Harri Williams, an email marketing executive at U.K. digital recruiter Salt, agrees that simpler data is the way to go; otherwise, marketers could come across as intrusive and voyeuristic. In addition to tracking website visitors based on the jobs they look at and thus would be more likely to be interested in applying for, Salt sends contractors emails when their contracts are about to end. ‘If we place a contractor, we know exactly when their contract is going to expire.’ ”

40% of Email Marketers Still Only Using Basic Targeting Demographics, by Kelsey Jones via KoMarketing: “According to findings presented by eMarketer, many email marketers aren’t taking advantage of the more advanced targeting demographics available to today’s campaigns. In fact, data shows about 40 percent are mainly focusing on geographic targeting, as opposed to more specific metrics, such as customer spending, frequency of purchase, and customer profitability. … As seen in the graph above, the four lowest reported metrics used (all used by only 27 percent of email marketers polled) were: transaction activity/purchase behavior, open rate on email marketing offers, acquisition source, and website clickstream analysis. In addition, eMarketer asserts that many marketers aren’t managing and segmenting their data to its highest potential. Many email marketers only use an email address to identify the customer, which sometimes leads to incorrect or outdated data.”

Email Marketing Tools Still Not Being Used Adequately By Most Businesses, by Ellen Vessels via The American Genius: “The survey found that marketers are relying solely on unsophisticated metrics for customer segmentation, even though more advanced metrics are available. For example, tracking customer email clicks and email open rates is relatively simple, and yet most marketers surveyed are not using this kind of data to inform new marketing campaigns. As a matter of fact, far less than half of respondents to the survey maintained a centralized data repository for all client data. Of marketers maintaining centralized customer data, only 28% of those used data from across multiple channels to create records for each customer.”

The Ultimate Mobile Email Statistics Overview, by Jordie van Rijn via emailMonday: “The biggest turn-offs people have with mobile email are: Receiving too many (44%), Not relevant (37%), Too small to read and interact with (32%), Website and landing pages not mobile optimized (26%) and Not well formatted for mobile phones (21%) – LiveClicker and The Relevancy Group “Exploring the Benefits Real-Time Email – Driving Marketing Effectiveness” (2015)…The total (non-unique) Mobile Email open and click rates differ very heavily per industry, with relative differences over 200% and more.”

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