How to use storytelling in your content marketing

One way to make your content marketing more successful is to incorporate strong storytelling. Whether you’re building a webinar or crafting a series of blog posts, a compelling story will engage your audience — and make your content easier to produce. For those of you who need help with storytelling, I’ve found five articles that […]

3 Simple Tips for More Effective B2B Blogging

One of my primary responsibilities here at Rep Cap is to ensure we deliver high-quality written content for our clients’ marketing needs. That includes editing what other team members write and coaching them on how to write better. When we have interns or others who are good writers, but new to writing blog posts, there […]

no more jargon content marketing

I’m on a mission to ban boring business jargon. As a B2B marketer, I read a lot of business writing. My content marketing clients at Rep Cap are in technical industries like insurance, web development, healthcare, software and analytics. When I’m looking for information and inspiration about these industries, I find that the best content […]