How to Use HARO to Find Expert Sources for Content Marketing

I wrote last week about producing top-quality content. One of the ways to ensure the content you create is high quality is to approach it like a journalist — use expert sources and quotes to support your points. Whether you’re creating an infographic, putting together a webinar or writing a blog post or white paper, expert […]

8 Ideas to Help You Conquer Your Writer’s Block

This is an excerpt of a post that originally appeared on American Express OPEN Forum on Dec. 3, 2014. I’ve been a writer and editor my entire professional life, and I’ve come across a number of misconceptions about the craft. One of the most common is that great writing depends on inspiration—something you’re either blessed […]

B2B Blog Post Headlines: What You’re Getting Wrong

Everyone knows headlines matter in content marketing and every marketer wants to create the most effective headlines possible. That’s not always as easy as it seems like it should be, though, because what works for one type of content, doesn’t necessarily work for another. And with the overwhelming amount of content we all see every […]

How to Come Up With Ideas for Content Marketing

Whether you’re trying to write the great American novel or the driest technical manual, it’s not uncommon to experience some (or a lot) of writer’s block. But if you’re trying to create marketing content, you don’t have time to let a lack of ideas hold you back for long. Those who get paralyzed by writer’s […]