Forget ‘Best Practices’: How to Be a Creative Content Marketer

Marketing pop quiz: Q: How do you create a content marketing strategy that’s exactly like 90 percent of your competitors? A: Google it. Look for best practices. Find lists and must-do’s and expert guides and follow them closely. Q: How do you create content that’s actually helpful, interesting and inspiring for your audience? A: Forget […]

3 Elements of a Great Story

Kenny Nguyen has a great story: He started off in the culinary industry, “cooking my way off the street,” and after knocking around restaurants in Baton Rouge, he traveled to Vietnam to find himself. He instead found a mission: Focusing on others to help them communicate more effectively. After coming back and seeing a poor […]


B2B software providers face some serious challenges when marketing their products and services. For example, the technology can be complex and difficult for decision-makers to understand. And the people who may be researching a product and weighing in on whether to buy — the CIO, IT managers, sales leaders, and others — all come from […]