B2B social media

If you’re a B2B marketer, you’re probably focused on leads, conversions and moving buyers through the decision-making process. B2B sales cycles are long, and leads are valuable. Because of this, social media doesn’t seem like the most obvious path to achieve those goals — it’s fuzzy, it changes all the time and Snapchat filters don’t […]

Digital Advertising: Knowing Your Audience and Your Content

What factors should you have in mind when considering digital advertising? How can you stay up-to-date on digital trends? How do you decide which advertising strategies to invest in? These questions were part of a panel discussion among four marketing and advertising representatives at the Baton Rouge Area Chamber’s June luncheon. Panelists were Tambry Slavich, […]

Customer Service Is the New Marketing: Interview with “Hug Your Haters” Author Jay Baer

Jay Baer is a noted authority on just about everything related to digital marketing. He is a best-selling author, internationally-known speaker, hype-free marketing strategist, and president of the social media and content marketing consultancy Convince & Convert. Fast Company magazine ranked him as one of America’s top three social media consultants, and the Content Marketing […]

Repeat After Me: Use Repetition to Get More Eyeballs on Your Content

How long does it take you to prepare blog content? Your content team probably outlines topics in an editorial calendar; researches facts and interview experts; writes and edits one, two, three drafts; and selects or creates the perfect visual to drive your message home. By the time you click “publish,” it’s easy to spend five […]