Earlier this month, Google overhauled its search ranking algorithm to reward a website’s mobile friendliness, and website managers scrambled to make changes to get good rankings. One of the best ways to make your site mobile-friendly, and thus attractive to Google, is to use responsive design, which ensures that your website “responds” to the size […]

How Responsive Web Design Can Prepare You For Google’s Algorithm Update

When Google announced that they would be updating their algorithm to reward mobile-friendly sites, content marketers around the globe wondered how the update would change their websites’ search rankings.. Having a responsive website was important before Google’s announcement, but the new algorithm change makes mobile design even more essential. Without a responsive website, it will […]

3 Simple Mobile Marketing Tactics

Today’s guest post comes from Ty Morse, CEO of Songwhale, an interactive technology company focusing on enterprise SMS solutions and Direct Response campaigns, both domestic and international. Since the company’s 2007 launch, Ty has grown Songwhale from 2 people to over 100. A two time Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, Ty has been […]