blockchain for marketers Jeremy Epstein

Do you know what blockchain is? If you don’t, marketing leader Jeremy Epstein says it’s high time you learn about it. Jeremy is the CEO of Never Stop Marketing, and after years of working with innovative technology, including roles at Sprinklr and Microsoft, he has shifted his focus to blockchain, which is the transaction-tracking technology […]

Use Data to Boost Your Email Marketing ROI

Collecting, analyzing and employing meaningful data is extremely valuable to any content marketing effort. Paying attention to what your measurements are telling you and adjusting your tactics accordingly can make a huge difference in your return on investment. This week, I’ve collected some articles and blog posts that will show you how to use data to boost […]

Movable Ink Brings Innovation to Email Marketing

Last month I made my first trip to Indianapolis to attend the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud’s Connections 2014 conference. There I sampled some authentic Hoosier cuisine, met a lot of great people and learned plenty. I also saw some really cool marketing tools, my favorite of which was agileEMAIL by Movable Ink. The team at […]


Almost a third of B2B marketers were expecting their marketing budgets to increase by an average of 6 percent this year, according to a recent joint study by Forrester and the Business Marketing Association. We took a closer look at that study because quite a bit of it was right up our alley. “Focus B2B […]