B2B Content Marketing 101: Social Media

“I don’t have time to deal with social media. Our clients aren’t on Facebook, anyway.” “Yes, we do social media! Several years ago, I set up our blog posts to automatically publish on Twitter. We’re all set.” Do either of these statements sound familiar? I often see B2B marketers ignoring social media or relying heavily […]

2015 is Here -- Is Your Content Marketing Team Ready?

The Rep Cap team is well rested and back at work after our unplugged holiday. Is your content marketing team? Now is the time to get serious about solidifying content marketing strategies for the year and start work on executing them. It’s important to be aware of emerging trends in B2B content marketing and content […]

Confused About Marketing Automation? 3 Tips to Make Marketing Automation Less Stressful

Earlier this month, we shared tips on choosing marketing automation software and making it work for your organization. At Rep Cap, we help B2B clients with content marketing, but we don’t just produce content — we make sure our clients have all of the systems and processes they need to turn content into conversions. This […]

Adding Marketing Automation: What You Need to Know

Today’s guest post comes from Maria Carter, a freelance journalist and copywriter based in New York City. Marketing automation can save your marketing team time and provide you with valuable insights about your prospects, leads and customers. Those insights then help you deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. Marketing […]

7 Deadly Sins Every Marketer Needs to Stop Committing

Working in online media can feel like a race. Social media sites change their rules and interfaces constantly. Every time we think we know what Google’s looking for, they announce new algorithm changes. If you aren’t diligent about reading, learning and keeping up with the latest tools and trends, you can get left behind, following […]

YEC Member Spotlight: Patrick Conley, Founder of Automation Heroes

Patrick Conley has taken his background in engineering design, robotics and process flow systems from billion dollar international development projects to online businesses and founded Automation Heroes — a marketing strategy firm that develops the resources and processes for clients looking to to conquer their business system chaos by leveraging the power of marketing automation. […]