marketing agency matchmaker robby berthume

In our Content Marketing Masters interview series, we’re profiling the smart marketers we get to work with every day. We’re asking Rep Cap’s favorite marketers how they got into the field, what they love about their jobs and how they stay smart. Meet Robby Berthume. He’s the CEO of Bull & Beard, a Winston-Salem, North […]

How to Help Your Marketing Agency Do Better Work for You

From small, fledgling startups to large, well-established corporations, many organizations need to look outside their ranks for marketing help at some point. Even those with internal marketing teams often find they can get better ROI by partnering with a marketing agency that can lend additional expertise and manpower. Whatever an organization’s reason for hiring a […]


When it comes to marketing themselves, most advertising and marketing agencies stick to what they know — and that often leaves out content marketing or inbound marketing here in Baton Rouge. In my home city, I could only find two blogs in the top 10 marketing firms that popped up on the SERPs. Social media […]