7 Deadly Sins Every Marketer Needs to Stop Committing

Working in online media can feel like a race. Social media sites change their rules and interfaces constantly. Every time we think we know what Google’s looking for, they announce new algorithm changes. If you aren’t diligent about reading, learning and keeping up with the latest tools and trends, you can get left behind, following […]

Content Marketing News Roundup: LinkedIn Content Marketing Score Edition

Last month, LinkedIn announced it was giving every member publishing power. This week it announced that it’s implemented a “Content Marketing Score” function to let markers know how effective their posts are to their target audience. This is done by taking the total number of unique LinkedIn members who engaged with a companies’ Sponsored Updates, […]

Content Marketing News Roundup: LinkedIn Publishing for All Edition

LinkedIn is by far the most helpful social media destination if you’re looking for professional networking opportunities. It encourages connections and allows people to form or belong to groups with like-minded professionals who share their interests. Recently, LinkedIn has made news and excited marketers by giving publishing power to all its members. The site will […]

How to Improve CRM Adoption in Just One Week

Your CRM implementation is done. Every sales team member and customer support person in your company has access. All old leads have been imported from the far flung corners of your office Excel spreadsheets and you’ve doled out some cash to bring it all together. So how — over the course of the next few […]