First, Get to Know Your Customer

Identifying your customer is an essential step in creating a content marketing strategy. How can you develop effective content if you don’t know who you’re addressing? You can’t, and your content marketing won’t reach the target it’s intended for. This collection of recent articles will help you understand why it’s so important to get to […]

Why You Must Tailor Your Sales and Marketing to Specific Customer Types

In strategy implementation firm BTS’s recent research paper “Turbulent Skies: Why Customers are Taking Longer to Make Buying Decisions…and What to Do About It”, Lou Schachter and Rick Cheatham explore how to convince customers to buy and to make their purchasing decisions faster. They discuss why today’s customers are slower to buy and explain it’s […]

customer centric marketing

The goal of content marketing is to connect with current and prospective customers and build relationships with them so they will want to buy what you’re selling. Sometimes the connection part of this equation gets lost in the rush push your offerings and sell more, though. When that happens you may end up selling less […]