how to build a content site WP Engine

Launching a completely new content site can feel overwhelming. How will you build an audience? How will you earn their trust and keep them coming back? And, at the top of most marketers’ minds, where will you get all the content? Marie Dodson has been there. She’s the managing editor for two content sites under […]

Content Marketing News Roundup: Hiring a Content Marketer Edition

As we often write here, content marketing isn’t just a trend. It’s here to stay and now represents a sustainable career path for talented writers, editors and other professionals with the skills to conceive of and create the content people crave. This week’s news roundup is about hiring a content marketer, the job market in […]

ow to Get the Best Work Out of Your Freelance Content Marketing Writers

If content is king, then writers are the power behind the throne. If you’re thinking about working with freelance writers to produce articles, blog posts, white papers and other content marketing materials for your company, you’ll want to treat that power well. Here are eight tips for getting the best work out of your freelance […]

How to Hire a Content Marketing Writer: 8 Interview Questions

Looking for tips on hiring content writers? Read our posts on managing content writers, why every content team needs a managing editor and why blogging matters for B2B. Even the best content marketing strategy won’t bring your business sales success if you don’t hire the right content marketing writer to help your team implement it. […]

One of the biggest challenges in implementing a content marketing strategy is figuring out who is going to produce all that wonderful content.  Even if your team contains a slew of great writers, you may find that it makes more sense to outsource at least some of the writing for your website. But if you’ve […]

You pride yourself on hiring the smartest people in your field, but how do your potential clients know that? Content marketing can help you unlock the expertise inside your own organization and make that knowledge the core of the marketing strategy for your small business. In particular, a staff-driven group blog that highlights industry trends […]