Create Visual Content to Improve Your B2B Marketing ROI

High-quality, engaging written content is essential to every brand’s marketing strategy these days, but customers are also drawn to great visual content. When considering your marketing strategy, remember that images change people’s perception of your written content and your brand. Try using visual content to your advantage to attract a larger audience and boost your B2B […]

12 Steps to Creating a Great Infographic

Phase 1: Collect underpants. Phase 2: ? Phase 3: Profit. Long-time “South Park” viewers will recall that as the underpants gnomes’ faulty business plan in the show’s second season. The gnomes knew they had a talent for stealing underpants and they wanted to make a profit, they just didn’t know what to do in the […]

Visual Trends in Content Marketing

Because content marketing is all about storytelling, it’s vital that your images tell stories as well. “Imagery is the universal language,” and it’s important for content marketers to choose images that make the most impact, said Getty Images Manager of Creative Marketing Lindsay Morris. This is evident as major brands such as Apple, Squarespace, Oprah […]

What's Next DC: Micro Content Isn't New, But It's Effective

Content marketing isn’t limited to blogs, email newsletters and white papers. You can also connect with customers and prospects by using short, “snackable bits of content,” or micro content, said Casey B. Kincheoloe, creative director and new media strategist at Pivot Point. And “with attention spans getting smaller, it’s a great time to expand the […]