How Responsive Web Design Can Prepare You For Google’s Algorithm Update

When Google announced that they would be updating their algorithm to reward mobile-friendly sites, content marketers around the globe wondered how the update would change their websites’ search rankings.. Having a responsive website was important before Google’s announcement, but the new algorithm change makes mobile design even more essential. Without a responsive website, it will […]

Content Marketing News Roundup: 2014 SEO Tips Edition

Now that it’s been a few months since Google implemented its latest search algorithm, Hummingbird, marketing pros have had time to gather their thoughts and work at developing higher-level expertise within Google’s new parameters. This week’s Content Marketing News Roundup brings you articles with 2014 SEO tips so you can get up to date on […]

Content Marketing News Roundup: Content Marketing Trends Edition

If you’re wondering what’s new in the world of social media, content and digital marketing, you’re not alone. Everyone is trying to get into the swing of 2014 by figuring out how to get on board with the trends that make sense for their business and industry. This includes sharing content with LinkedIn’s more than […]

How to Write Great Press Releases - Reputation Capital Media

I’ll admit it. I’m a rare Millenial who loves press releases. Don’t get me wrong, I also have my eye on every new social media update and emerging tool. But I see press releases as old-school marketing and PR tools that aren’t going away. A lot of online marketers (especially younger marketers whose entire college […]

Content Marketing News Roundup: Benefits of Social Media Edition

Lots of social media networks making news this week — and looks like most of them are taking aim at the big blue behemoth, Facebook. While Facebook is still the go-to network for both business and personal social networking, other social media networks are creeping in on Facebook’s territory. Google+ is making gains in usage […]