In Content Marketing You're Not Selling "Words," So Stop Buying Them

Over the years, I’ve worked with a number of really amazing editors and writers — many of whom are now looking to pursue content marketing work. They often have questions about how I made that transition successfully. It’s rarely a question of the quality of their work. Rather, it’s the way they sell themselves to […]

Couple with Christmas List

As the holiday season gets in swing, you are probably seeing plenty of list about what people want for gifts. Today you get to get different lists. These list are here to provide you with tips and ideas to help with your content marketing strategy. In this week’s news round-up, you will read about interactivity, […]

Thanksgiving meal

After spending Thanksgiving enjoying great food with friends and family, it’s back to work developing your content. You will probably come across challenges when coming up with new content ideas, but below are some helpful links to go with your leftovers. In this week’s news round-up, you will read about creating content, data mining and […]

Fountain Pen

When developing content strategy, we must remember that content is king. If the things we write are not of high quality, the strategy we develop will not be as beneficial. In this week’s news round-up, we read about writing strategy, marketing channels and budget.   Key focus points for content writing are pointed out by Michael […]

Developing content is no easy task for businesses. Time and resources must be spent wisely to optimize a blogs usefulness. You must also decide on where you want your content to go. In this week’s news round-up, there are topics that range from the financial aspect of a business blogging to producing content that spans […]