Journalist B2B content marketing

B2B doesn’t have to be boring, but when it comes to B2B content marketing it’s easy to fall into the trap of snooze-worthy writing. B2B companies face a few common content challenges: They get bogged down in jargon, they focus too much on sales pitches and they make the message way too complicated. Addressing those […]

7 Steps to Becoming a Content Marketing Machine

“Suck it up, buttercup.” That was Mary Ellen Slayter’s advice to an audience member at her recent presentation at the Louisiana Technology Park when asked how to actually begin the writing required to generate content. “Don’t let perfection be the enemy of done,” she said. “I’d rather have two decent blog posts published a week […]

The Most Important Person on Your Content Marketing Team

Real talk: Content marketing is still fairly new. While most companies, big and small, are publishing some kind of content at this point (whether it’s a blog post every six month or a robust, active calendar of ebooks, research reports, emails and infographics), we’re all still figuring out what an ideal content marketing team looks […]

Brain Traffic CEO Kristina Halvorson Defines ‘Content Strategy’

When Brain Traffic founder and CEO Kristina Halvorson talks content strategy, she means strategy. She’s seen too many companies put together what they think is a strategy when it’s simply a list of ideas for blog posts or an editorial calendar. “Content strategy is not an editorial plan,” she says, and that’s an error companies […]

How to Make Your Editorial Calendar More Effective

Valentine’s Day is this weekend, so today we’d like to show our love for one of the most helpful content marketing tools around: the editorial calendar. Putting together an editorial calendar gives your content team a chance to map out strategies for the coming months and plan blog posts around holidays, industry events, product rollouts […]

Creating Viral Content Can’t Be Your Content Marketing Goal

“How can I create viral content?” “We need your help to create some viral content.” “We’ve been writing some blog posts, but we haven’t done any viral stuff yet.” As content marketing specialists, we hear this type of comment all the time. It’s not that it’s impossible to set out to create viral content and […]