3 Ways to Make Your Content Stronger

Great content doesn’t just happen — something I’m reminded every time my hands hover over the keyboard waiting for inspiration. I’m always looking for new ways to write B2B content that’s useful, and getting started can sometimes be the trickiest part. I’ve been reading articles about what great content — blog posts, white papers, infographics […]

How to Come Up With Ideas for Content Marketing

Whether you’re trying to write the great American novel or the driest technical manual, it’s not uncommon to experience some (or a lot) of writer’s block. But if you’re trying to create marketing content, you don’t have time to let a lack of ideas hold you back for long. Those who get paralyzed by writer’s […]

How to use storytelling in your content marketing

One way to make your content marketing more successful is to incorporate strong storytelling. Whether you’re building a webinar or crafting a series of blog posts, a compelling story will engage your audience — and make your content easier to produce. For those of you who need help with storytelling, I’ve found five articles that […]

6 Helpful Rules for Content Marketing Writing

Good writing comes from habitual practice. It’s not an art form only a few people are born with the talent to succeed at. Anyone can develop better writing skills if they’re willing to work at it, says MarketingProfs Chief Content Officer Ann Handley. I tuned in to a webinar last month where Handley spoke about […]