Managing Freelance Writers for Content Marketing: An Interview with Software Advice's Victoria Garment

If you’re going to include written content such as blog posts, articles, white papers and e-books in your company’s content marketing efforts, you’re going to need some skilled writers on your team. In many cases, this will include freelance writers who aren’t on staff, but still play an important role in getting the job done. […]

ow to Get the Best Work Out of Your Freelance Content Marketing Writers

If content is king, then writers are the power behind the throne. If you’re thinking about working with freelance writers to produce articles, blog posts, white papers and other content marketing materials for your company, you’ll want to treat that power well. Here are eight tips for getting the best work out of your freelance […]

An Editor's Guide to Working with Content Marketing Writers

My guiding principle in editing the work of content marketing writers every day can be summarized in two words: Be nice. Sounds simple in the abstract, but it’s crazy-hard to live up to. Looming deadlines and often-abundant revisions make everybody impatient and can set tempers on edge, but it’s vital to remember to “be nice” […]

Catherine Conlan Content Marketing Reputation Capital

Catherine Conlan is the newest member of the Reputation Capital team. She is joining us today as a writer and editor. Catherine brings more than 20 years of experience in writing and editing at daily and weekly newspapers, monthly magazines, news websites and, most recently, for a wide variety of private clients as a freelancer. Before […]