hire content marketers

As content marketing grows, all of us are on the hunt for smart, content-savvy team members to help us produce awesome content. But who are we looking for? What does the perfect content marketer look like? What’s on the ideal marketer’s resume? Just being a good writer, social strategist or analyst isn’t enough to really […]

Content Marketing News Roundup: Hiring a Content Marketer Edition

As we often write here, content marketing isn’t just a trend. It’s here to stay and now represents a sustainable career path for talented writers, editors and other professionals with the skills to conceive of and create the content people crave. This week’s news roundup is about hiring a content marketer, the job market in […]

Getting Started with Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t new anymore and it’s not a fad. If you haven’t started using it as a way to drive traffic to your company’s website and connect with customers and prospects, you’re behind — and now’s the time to catch up. There’s plenty of information and resources available to help you out, including the […]