content marketing essentials venn diagram

Working at an agency has given me a wide perspective on what it really takes to produce great content. I’ve worked with “content teams” made up of just one person (the founder of a small business), small, nimble teams of marketers whose time is stretched and resources are limited, and massive global marketing teams with […]


Writing well is an enviable skill, and any strong marketing team needs top-notch writers. But even the best writers don’t always generate ready-to-publish copy the first time, no matter how skilled they are. So, yes: Your blog needs an editor. We think editors are the most important part of any content marketing team. Whether you […]

7 Steps to Becoming a Content Marketing Machine

“Suck it up, buttercup.” That was Mary Ellen Slayter’s advice to an audience member at her recent presentation at the Louisiana Technology Park when asked how to actually begin the writing required to generate content. “Don’t let perfection be the enemy of done,” she said. “I’d rather have two decent blog posts published a week […]