Small Business Profile: Grasshopper

Since its founding in 2003, Grasshopper has helped more than 100,000 growing businesses with their communications needs. Aimed at helping entrepreneurs run their businesses from their smartphones, Grasshopper provides toll-free numbers, conference-call capabilities, voice mail, email and fax, and other communication services. I talked with Taylor Aldredge, the “ambassador of buzz” at Grasshopper, about the […]

Confused About Using Twitter for Your Small Business?

If you’re thinking about using Twitter for your small business, you’ll need to understand how it works, but that’s not easy because Twitter perpetuates a lot of misunderstandings. I suspect that all this confusion about how to use Twitter is the main reason people bail before they really give it a chance to do them […]

Content Marketing News Roundup: Small Business Marketing Edition

Getting the word out, reaching prospective customers and generating quality leads are among the biggest challenges small businesses and startups face as they strive to help their companies thrive and grow. This week, I’ve gathered a collection of articles about small business marketing that offer advice for small business owners and demonstrate that small business […]

Growing Chart

There are always different ways you can tweak your content. Understanding how your site is being accessed is can be one of your biggest aids in improving your content. There are still other ways to improve. In this week’s news round-up you will read about content curation, strategy and timing post, among others. Pawan Deshpande provides […]

Thanksgiving meal

After spending Thanksgiving enjoying great food with friends and family, it’s back to work developing your content. You will probably come across challenges when coming up with new content ideas, but below are some helpful links to go with your leftovers. In this week’s news round-up, you will read about creating content, data mining and […]