Content Marketing for B2B Software: How Wiser Uses Thought Leadership to Educate its Target Market

Wiser develops software that provides retail price intelligence, pricing automation and analytics for e-commerce clients. I recently connected with Angelica Valentine, content marketing manager, to learn more about the company’s approach to content marketing. “Content is one of the main focuses of our marketing strategy because it creates thought leadership,” she says. “The goal is […]


B2B software providers face some serious challenges when marketing their products and services. For example, the technology can be complex and difficult for decision-makers to understand. And the people who may be researching a product and weighing in on whether to buy — the CIO, IT managers, sales leaders, and others — all come from […]

Content Marketing for B2B Software: SheerID Uses Surveys To Fuel Its Content

SheerID provides eligibility verification solutions that make it possible for retailers to instantly verify customers qualify for special offers. “For example, Foot Locker uses our platform in their stores to verify that customers who want to use the military discount are affiliated with the United States Armed Forces, and Spotify uses our online solution to […]

Buyer Personas for B2B Software Marketing: Are You Creating Content for the Right People?

Even before you create a content marketing strategy for your B2B software, it’s essential you understand your target buyers. Although you’re selling to other businesses, remember that all marketing is person-to-person. You ultimately have to convince individual decision makers your software is the right solution to their problems. Each of these buyers will be looking […]