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small business marketing strategySmall businesses face a lot of challenges, and getting the word out about their product or service is one of them. I recently connected with Abbey Dieteman, co-founder of Dieteman Technology Consulting to talk about the company’s small business marketing strategy. She had some excellent insights on what small businesses can do to get the most out of their marketing plan, such as picking just a few things and doing them well, rather than trying to cover all the bases.

How would you describe your brand in five words or less?

Technology solutions instead of problems.

Tell me more about what your company does.

Our company provides consulting for small businesses on everything from which devices (computers, smart phones, tablets, printers) and software to buy to how to create an effective social media strategy.

What role does content play in your small business marketing strategy?

We use content to provide information to our customers and fans. By providing content, we can first of all educate our customers on how to use and maintain their technology by providing easy-to-read and easy-to-follow solutions.

Our pledge is to never use industry jargon or tech speak that talks down to the customer. We create content that answers common questions and gives us a place to direct customers and potential customers with these questions. This positions us as an expert that potential clients are comfortable with before they even consider purchasing any of our services. Our content provides value for free for clients which means that they can evaluate the estimated quality of our services before working with use.

If we provide great, informative content that is valuable to the customer, that customer can assume that our paid services are also valuable. Content also gets us in front of new customers in a way that we find to be far more effective than paid advertising.

How do you define success in your marketing strategy overall?

Success in any marketing strategy should be obtaining customers by becoming the first name they think of when they need one of your products or services. We define success in our marketing as having customers approach us instead of dedicating resources to search for clients.

We tried cold calls at one point in our business, but that is just not how we want to market. We have also developed a tribe of loyal fans that help us spread the word about our business. Content fits into this; it gives our fans something to share. Each time we are featured in an article or post on our blog, our fans have something to grab onto and share. We don’t define success by how many Facebook or Twitter followers we have, but how engaged our fans are in our mission.

What types of content does your business produce? Why did you choose those types?

We have two main types of content. The first is blog posts. We have our own blog at where we write short and easy tech tips and also incorporate video into that experience to build familiarity and trust in our founders. We also guest post on other blogs, which gives us the opportunity to get in front of new audiences and provide value to fellow bloggers. The is very effective in a B2B environment because we can be featured in blogs dedicated to specific industries that we want to work in (small physician’s practices, for example).

The second type of content is media interviews. We have been featured in a variety of online and hard-copy publications. This serves two purposes: getting in front of new customers and social proof. When someone visits our website, we have logos where we have appeared that positions us an expert in the field.

What’s been your biggest challenge in developing and executing your content marketing strategy?

The biggest challenge by far is trying to do too much. There are a thousand ways to do content marketing and social media. We do blogging and video and there’s always someone asking us why we don’t do anything on Instagram or Pinterest or Vine or *insert new social media channel here*.

Frankly, small businesses such as ours do not have the time nor the resources to do everything. So we made the decision to do the few things we do really well. We have made the determination that for the customers we want to reach, YouTube and our blog are our number one priority as well as continuing to pitch guest posts and media features.

What’s your favorite piece of advice for other small-business owners considering using content to market their businesses?

The best advice I ever got was from one of my mentors. She said that I should always approach opportunities to market my business as if I’m the top in my field. All businesses should do this.

If you were the top person in your industry which publications would be you featured in? Which conferences would you speak at? Which blogs would interview you?

And then approach those places and make it happen! Pitch ideas for valuable content to the places where you want to appear. The worst they can say is no. If you believe in what you do and produce great content, the best way to get in front of customers is to ask.

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