Repeat After Me: Use Repetition to Get More Eyeballs on Your Content

Repeat After Me: Use Repetition to Get More Eyeballs on Your ContentHow long does it take you to prepare blog content? Your content team probably outlines topics in an editorial calendar; researches facts and interview experts; writes and edits one, two, three drafts; and selects or creates the perfect visual to drive your message home.

By the time you click “publish,” it’s easy to spend five to ten hours perfecting each post — maybe more if your blog is a newbie, maybe fewer if years of experience or an all-star team have matured and refined your process.

Now … how long does it take you to promote blog content? If you’re like most marketers, the answer is probably “a few minutes, right after we publish.”

You push a single link to each of your social networks, maybe schedule a newsletter for your email list and BOOM, you’re done. Page views get a bump and you turn your focus to the next blog post.

Sound familiar?

IZEA, a network that connects content creators with advertisers, calls this the “shout” phase — the first 7-10 days of a blog post’s life, when 50 percent of its impressions are generated.

But a study commissioned by the company found another 22 percent of impressions occur within the first 30 days, or “echo” phase. And a post doesn’t reach 100 percent of its total impressions until two years after publication; IZEA calls this the “reverberate” phrase.

These numbers show that marketers (myself included!) should think about blog post promotion in the long term, not just on publish day. Here’s how you maximize content consumption throughout a blog post’s life cycle.

Share Your Blog Posts Multiple Times on the Same Platform

I realize no one wants to be the broken-record marketer, shamelessly plugging the same article as many times as The Bangles graced the airwaves in 1985. But you can promote the same post — organically and successfully — multiple times on the same platform without annoying your audience. The trick is to switch up your presentation.

  • In Emails

Rep Cap is a big believer in the power of monthly newsletters. Email is a good place to  highlight recent and popular blog posts. And depending on the depth of your archives, email is also the perfect place to bring back your favorite evergreen articles from weeks, months or even years past. Consider adding a #ThrowbackThursday or #FlashbackFriday section to your next newsletter to bring new readers to old content that’s still relevant.

  • On Social Media

Here’s where you can really ramp up your repetition. If that makes you nervous, take this advice from Kissmetrics: “Your social media followers aren’t like RSS subscribers who see and read every post. In fact, sharing more than once probably is an essential part of providing your audience with the value you promised them.”

You don’t have to publish the same tweet or Facebook post word-for-word, though — pick the top three themes or takeaways from each article and immediately you have three different options to share. And it’s easy to take it to the next level: write three variations of each of your three messages to multiply your available status updates. Then create a sharing schedule (here’s a great example) for the next month and publish your posts.

If you need help pinpointing the best days and times to push content out on social media, start by examining the performance of your previous posts. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn all offer free, native analytics — these tell you more about your audience and when it’s most active.

  • In New Blog Posts

One of the best ways to repeatedly share content with readers is to include links to old blog posts in each new post you write. (See what I did there?) Internal links boost your SEO, keep readers on your website longer and educate them about your business. It’s a win-win.

  • In Old Blog Posts

While you’re adding backlinks to new posts, try another related activity that most people don’t consider. Go back to your old blog posts and add links to relevant new posts that were published later. That way, your blog posts will link back to old posts and forward to your newest, most relevant thinking.

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