Pro Tips for Effectively Targeting Your Audience

Pro Tips for Effectively Targeting Your Audience One of the biggest mistakes B2B marketers make is failing to target their audience with the content they create and share. Creating high-quality content that doesn’t serve your audience misses the point and makes waste of a lot of hard work and effort.

To help you be more effective in targeting your audience, I’ve gathered some articles and blog posts with tips on how to locate your audience and get them the content they want.

4 Ways to Engage Your Audience Like a Comedian, by Bill Connolly via Entrepeneur: “The only thing standing between a comedian and his/her audience is often a microphone, meaning that live comedy feels very intimate to those who experience it. Comedians feel a deep sense of connection to their audiences that brands typically neglect. Small, direct engagements with consumers can make a tremendous difference in their relationship with you…A good example of this would be Louis C.K., who in 2011 famously offered his Live at the Beacon Theater special as a ‘direct-to-digital’ download for five bucks and earned $1 million in just 12 days. Since that time, many other comedians, like Aziz Ansari and Jim Gaffigan, have followed suit, and Comedy Central even developed an online marketplace for DRM-free (digital rights management) stand-up specials, launching with 22 original one-hour specials.”

5 Key Insights to Developing Successful Target Audiences, by Justina Rowe via Content Standard: “Identifying your target audience is the first step on your audience persona journey. This persona should outline everything there is to know about your audience, from interests, to general dispositions, to search habits. They should be well-researched and based on facts from statistical and social media monitoring tools, and act as road maps to your content marketing strategy. The end goal is to train your content marketing team to not just understand your audience, but to become them. Every piece of your content should be produced through your audience’s lens. Take Old Spice, for example: We all still have the creepy mom commercial burned into our brains. Old Spice has one of the most successful content marketing strategies in recent history, but it wasn’t always that way.”

7 Steps To Reaching Your Audience, by Jaci Russo via Razor Branding Blog: “What’s the first thing you do when you see something intriguing or compelling? You go to the web to learn more. That’s because we all want to make informed decisions about the products we buy and the brands we align ourselves with. So once you’ve hit your audience with a little awareness, it’s time to inform them of who you are. This involves making sure your website content is informative and your online listings are accurate. Because knowledge is power…What can you do to improve my life? It’s the subconscious thought we’re all thinking when we spend money. No one wants to throw away their hard-earned money at a useless product or service. We’re all looking for that one thing that’s going to make our life easier and offer some kind of immediate benefit.”

How to Engage Your Audience For Long-Term Success, by Victoria Hoffman via SnapApp: “Short-term campaigns aren’t dead. In order for them to be successful, however, they have to support your business’ long-term goals. Focus on the bigger picture when planning your content marketing strategy. For every single piece of content you create, have a clear plan outlining how it will help you achieve more blog subscribers, eBook downloads, or whatever your goals may be. For example, running a contest ‘just for fun’ might seem like a great way to drive engagement, but it won’t boost the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts in the long run if you don’t have a plan in place. … Before running a short-term campaign like a contest, ask yourself: What is a contest going to do for my marketing efforts that my normal content can’t achieve? How are we going to keep the engagement alive? How can we form a relationship with the participants?”

How to Locate, Listen in and Connect with Your Audience Online, by Andrew Hutchinson via Build Fire: “I’ve talked to a heap of people who’ve told me that social media just isn’t for them. ‘Our target audience doesn’t use Facebook, there’s really nothing there for us’. My first question in response to this is, ‘have you checked to confirm that?’ and almost invariably the response is ‘no’. I agree, social media is not highly utilised in all sectors, and each individual platform has its own level of relevance and irrelevance to specific interests and activities. But with so many options now available for tracking mentions and locating conversations, there’s really no excuse for not making yourself aware of the conversations related to your business online. Media monitoring has been an invaluable resource used by big businesses for years to maximise their efforts – now, with the accessibility to social networks, every brand can do the same. And it may prove to be an invaluable resource.”

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