Why Personal Connections Matter in Content Marketing

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, we find ourselves focused on the connections we have with others. Our connections aren’t limited to family and friends, of course — the personal touch is a vital part of business relationships, particularly when it comes to B2B marketing. This week, we gathered articles that examine the importance of personal connection in content marketing and how you can better foster it.

  • Making B2B Buying Personal by Pat Spenner and Anthony Belloir at Forbes: “The vast majority of B2B marketers tend to focus their efforts on proving the ROI of their solution for the client or prospect organization. The logic here is that by focusing their efforts on crystallizing the value that the supplier can bring to the client organization’s key outcomes, they help the group reach a common vision around both problem and solution. While this is a rational approach in light of the dynamics at play, it ignores the personal value that enters the calculus of individual champions in the group – their individual willingness to advocate and lead the group to consensus…The best-selling point is therefore not unrivaled speed, power or stability. It is the sense of pride buyers derive from the purchase.”
  • The Virtue You Need to Become a Content Marketing Master by Christine Warner at Skyword: “Just as your audience personas should be developed independently of your buyer personas, your content must deliver value to your audience beyond the benefits of your products and services. Content Marketing Institute’s Chief Strategist Robert Rose emphasizes that content marketers should deliver a unique value proposition (UVP) based on the personal interests and needs of personas that align with—but don’t mirror—the UVP of their business.”
  • Social selling doesn’t have to be awkward from Marketing Interactive: “Tom Skotidas, managing director of B2B agency Skotidas, says, ‘You have to be relevant. You don’t connect with everybody – you connect only with those who would be interested in your products – And you connect using techniques that mimic real life. If you approach people, you need a complete profile, proper messaging, a personalised invitation explaining to the person you’re approaching why you’re approaching them. This means that there’s no intrusion.’”
  • Tips for Taking Care When Stepping Into a Personalized Approach by Lucy Hardaker at Business2Community: “As well as personalizing your marketing campaigns, don’t forget that your wider business can be personable too. People prefer to buy from people. Think about how you can take a more personable approach with social media activity, your sales approach and even your invoicing processes too. Discover your company’s fun side and set yourself apart by promoting your company’s unique culture and personality — you’ll welcome your prospects to be part of your brand, and they will want to buy from you too.”
  • 10 Ways to Improve your Social Media Marketing by Tess Agnew at Performance In: “If you create an emotional connection with your audience, they’ll be more likely to respond – whether that’s commenting on or sharing your latest post, liking your page, or visiting your website. Facebook remembers this interaction and will show more of your content to those who engage with you. There’s a fine balance between creating great content, marketing it well and building an active community – all three elements need to work together for your social presence to grow successfully. With that in mind, it’s absolutely vital that you set out a comprehensive content strategy from the outset, asking (and answering) fundamental questions about your campaign.”