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Optimizing Editorial Workflow for Digital Teams

Remote work is king when it comes to content marketing. Many content teams reach far and wide across multiple time zones. Cobbling together teams of remote employees, freelancers and agencies has become the norm.

With a remote team, content marketing firms have access to a wide talent pool of writers from all over the world. And digital teams can save companies overhead costs and improve employee work-life balance and overall happiness.

But despite all of the benefits remote work brings for you and your employees, you might experience challenges with finding the right writers and managing your remote team.

The right editorial workflow can make or break a digital content team. If not set up well, that editorial process — the series of steps it takes to get from an idea to a finished piece of content ready to be published — can spiral into a messy labyrinth of bureaucracy or devolve into confusion about timelines and responsibilities.

So with to-dos to coordinate, timelines to schedule and team members to manage, how does a content director create editorial workflows that really work for digital teams?

Roman Heindorff, CEO of Camayak, a cloud-based workflow tool for content teams and contributor networks, recently joined us for a webinar in which he walked us through how to create the ideal editorial workflow. This guide shares some of the highlights of that presentation, including:

Create a Content Workflow That Delivers Results

Use Workflow Tools to Optimize Content Creation

Build a Contributor Network to Help You Scale

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