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Marketing & Selling Your Way Out of a Recession

Even before the coronavirus pandemic struck, no one enjoyed being subjected to hard-sell tactics, fake friendliness, and pressure to make high-stakes decisions on the fly. But if you try those tactics now, they’re even more likely to backfire.

That doesn’t mean you have to stop selling —but it does mean you’ll have to work harder than ever before to earn every dollar. People will be more cautious than they would be in a good economy, and your value proposition will need to be clear and sharp to overcome their (justifiable) anxiety about spending money.

Sales leadership expert Ryan Estis joined Rep Cap CEO Mary Ellen Slayter for a webinar on “Marketing and Selling Your Way Out of a Recession.” This guide collects key insights and best practices from their wide-ranging conversation on how to sustain your business during these uncertain times.

Build Trusting Relationships

Focus on Being Helpful

Aim for Progress, Not Perfection

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