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Leading Teams Through Crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic and global quarantine have shaken our world. Leaders are presented new and unprecedented challenges and must face navigating unchartered waters without a clear roadmap of what lies ahead. There’s no playbook for leading during a global pandemic.

Employee stress and anxiety are on the rise and reports of disruption to work and family life have skyrocketed. The pandemic has resulted in massive economic disruption and uncertainty. In the six weeks of the quarantine, 30 million Americans filed for unemployment. 

Increased child care responsibilities and the sudden transition to remote work have created unprecedented challenges for both employees and leaders. A recent poll showed that almost 7 in 10 employees view the COVID-19 pandemic as the most stressful period of their professional career. 

So how can leaders effectively lead their team through a crisis of this magnitude and help them navigate these turbulent times?

In times of crisis, people rely on leaders to help them navigate uncertain waters. But if leaders aren’t visible to their people, it can be difficult for employees to feel that there is a steady hand at the helm.

Company leaders and managers on are on the frontlines of this crisis, and their effective leadership can help allay employee fears and anxieties. Compassion, clear guidance and communication are all critical to helping employees navigate this difficult time. By remaining visible and focusing on relationships, tapping into the power of creativity, and cultivating resilience, leaders can provide stability and protect their employees’ wellbeing. 

Gloria West, senior consultant and executive coach at Success Labs, is an expert on helping leaders develop the skills needed to effectively manage their teams. In this guide, we share Gloria’s advice for effective communication, creativity and resilience to help you lead during difficult times.

The Importance of Visibility

The Power of Creativity

The Value of Resistance

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