Is Your Audience on Vacation Try These Summer Content Marketing Tips N

Is Your Audience on Vacation Try These Summer Content Marketing Tips NSummer is here. As we think of the beach and our summer getaways, it’s important to remember your content marketing can’t take a rest. But vacation season can make it tough to keep your audience engaged and interested when they’re distracted by sun, sand and surf.

This week, I’ve been reading about summer content marketing tips that can help you keep your brand engaging and your audience coming back for more. I think you’ll find these articles and blog posts helpful.

9 Tips to Kick Your Business’ Summer Marketing Campaign Up a Notch, by Jonha Revesencio via The Huffington Post: “Gavin Cooper, director of marketing for Taconic Biosciences, says, ‘Hosting a charity event for a cause that your customers care about and can relate to is a smart way to keep your brand top-of-mind, while garnering more brand saturation online and off-. From a corporate standpoint, the challenge is choosing the platform for hosting an event, but it can be as simple as planning a dinner to raise awareness and money for a charity related to your niche. Not all of your customers and partners will attend, but through some outreach, you can have them ‘remotely’ donate and pay for a certain number of plates that you can then give to others who might not otherwise attend.’ From a small to medium size business standpoint, perhaps you could host a concert or raise an art exhibit to raise money for your local humane society, or an auction.”

How to Find Fresh Angles For Your Content Marketing Strategy, by Leeyen Rogers via Social Media Today: “With each trending topic or dinner table discussion subject of the day, consider if and how your company might fit into the conversation. New issues arise or come into the limelight every week, and there’s a lot of material that you can incorporate into your content. What are the newest trends or disrupters in your industry? What are the unique challenges that your users are faced with, right now, and how is your product going to solve those problems? What are your predictions for the field in the next 6 months? The next year? Each new product, feature, or advancement could have a compelling story hidden within that you can flesh out by relating it to what’s trending.”

Five Marketing Tips for the Summer, by Ian Kirk via Opportunity Marketing: “By now every company is aware of just how important and influential social media is and how necessary it is to utilise it and incorporate it into their marketing plans. If you’ve gone as far as to set up several social media accounts and gain a few friends and followers but haven’t yet truly gotten the hang of it, now is the time to change all that. This year, you could increase the traffic to your website or attract new customers by tweeting more, increasing the number of social media posts you make and trying to engage your followers in something more than sales talk.”

3 B2B Marketing Trends to Try This Summer, via Funding Gates: “As we move into summer, your audience’s mind isn’t just at the office. Internet users are taking in a dramatic amount of content per day, both for work and personal interests. For users to keep reading your content, it needs to grab their attention and be easy to understand. Aim for a Flesch-Kincaid reading ease score of 60-70 to keep your content interesting, but not so complicated as to lose your reader’s attention. Great online writing should feel like an interesting chat with a close friend, not like a boring doctoral thesis. But a conversational tone doesn’t mean skimping on content quality. In fact, with more and more B2B companies jumping on the inbound marketing train, the importance of high quality and genuinely useful content is greater than ever before.”

A Summer Reading List That Can Improve Your Content Marketing, by Lisa Hinz via Iris: “To appeal to your target audience these days, you have to be a master storyteller and really appeal to your audience. What better way to improve your storytelling abilities than by brushing up on classics alongside modern day marketing thought leadership?! Over the weekend, I reflected on all the written works that have moved me, inspired me, taught me and grew me from the inside out. Plenty of these works are well-known, maybe you even read them once upon a time, and others you may have heard of and just haven’t read yet. I encourage you to pick up some of these titles for an experience that will expand your mind, challenge your perspectives and prepare you for great marketing that will matter to your audience.”

Not sure how to best adapt your content marketing for summer? Let us know! We’d love to help.