Managing Editor Magazine

Happy January!

It’s a new year, and I’m very, very excited to announce a big project my team has been working on behind the scenes for months: Managing Editor Magazine.

This new publication, which replaces our agency blog, celebrates and supports what we consider the most important role in content marketing today: the managing editor.

Whether they work for brands or at traditional publications, managing editors wear a lot of hats ― writer, editor, designer, business strategist, enterprise tech buyer, content therapist ― and our mission is to give them the inspiration and advice they need to kick ass in this amazing, complex role.

In Managing Editor you’ll find:

  • Profiles of top managing editors who are running content sites, online magazines and thought-leadership programs at large and small firms.
  • News about the hottest marketing trends.
  • Advanced writing and editing tips to help you continuously sharpen your skills.
  • Tech reviews so you can sort through all of the marketing, project management and content production technology on the market.
  • Management tips to help you build and steer your team.
  • Career advice for building a path in this emerging role and changing industry.

Check out what we’ve been working on so far:

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