HR Tech Marketing: What Does Your Buyer Want to Know?As we prep for HR Tech later this month, we’re thinking about how marketers can understand, help and reach human resources technology buyers.

Human resources technology buyers aren’t interested in hearing all the ins and outs of your app or software. In fact, going into detail about your HR tech product’s features is going to turn them off and send them looking in another direction.

When you’re creating content for your HR tech content marketing efforts, you need to focus on providing information your buyers are looking for. In most cases, that means answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

What are those problems? According to a recent survey by Human Resource Executive, top HR concerns include:

  • Recruiting and retention.
  • Employee engagement.
  • Leadership development.

Your app or software is probably trying to help companies solve one or more of these problems. To sell HR tech buyers on the benefits of your solution, you need to provide them with content that helps them better understand those problems and the tech and non-tech approaches to solving them. With that information, they’ll be able to play a more strategic role in their organizations and start to trust your company as a source of valuable information. And building that trust is the first step to making a sale.

Recruiting and Retention

“Gone are the days of simplistic staffing, one employee at every desk, and a homogeneous workplace,” says Charlie Judy, founder and CEO of TruWork. HR professionals are looking for technology that will give them an insight into what makes their organizations really tick, including what attracts top talent that’s also a good cultural fit.

And many HR tech buyers are looking for ways to streamline the hiring process and source more qualified candidates, says Liz D’Aloia, founder of HR Virtuoso.

To connect with these HR tech buyers: Invest in original research that identifies best practices for recruiting and retention or that uncovers what talented job seekers are looking for from employers. Use the insights you gain to generate blog posts, infographics and other content full of practical tips HR teams can use to recruit and retain top talent more effectively and efficiently.

Employee Engagement

The majority of employees aren’t engaged at work, according to a Gallup survey released earlier this year. Because employee engagement affects productivity and the bottom line, employers are looking for ways to improve it and manage it more effectively.

To connect with these HR tech buyers: Commission research that looks at employee engagement in certain sectors, types of employees or industries, and dig into what drives engagement among those populations. Content that illustrates the importance of engagement and practical tactics employers can use to manage engagement levels will help reach these buyers.

Leadership Development

Employee training and development is important because it helps employees continue learning and doing their best for the company — and employees are more likely to stay with an employer that’s investing in their futures. As baby boomers retire, organizations may face a leadership vacuum if they haven’t kept up with succession planning and training. Software that helps with employee assessments, training and development can help organizations create succession plans and prepare leaders for the future.

To connect with these HR tech buyers: Create content about ways to train and develop employees at all levels of an organization. Cover the whole range of tactics from free to more costly options.

Other Ways to Connect

HR tech buyers are also looking for intuitive systems that are easy to implement and play well with the other processes and technology they’re already using, D’Aloia says. And reducing paperwork — always an HR dream — is another solution this audience is looking for.

Creating case studies that show how your company’s technology has helped your existing clients solve their HR problems can help further connect with HR tech buyers. Of course every company’s ideal customer is different, so you need to do a little research and create your own buyer personas to help you create the most effective content for connecting with the HR tech buyers you’re trying to sell to.

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