One of the secrets to running an efficient content marketing campaign is planning your editorial content in such a way that you can repurpose content marketing assets across multiple channels.

This is important for a couple of reasons.

First, creating high-quality content is HARD WORK and you can’t wake up every morning and start totally from scratch. You still have a business to run, right? Content marketing campaigns can be time-intensive, but most of that work should be on the front end, figuring out the right messaging for your audience. Once you’ve done that, you want to find a way to get maximum impact for your effort.

Second, your audience probably needs you to deliver your awesome message more than once for them to have a reasonable chance of getting it. People are bombarded with information all day long, and they have differing preferences for how they like to consume content. Help them out by giving them multiple chances to see it with skillful repurposing.

Notice I said “repurposing,” “not recycling.” You don’t want to do is just blast out stuff on repeat over and over again.

My standard recommendation is to find a way to repurpose content 5 times. Here’s how to do it without making your audience feel spammed.

  • Change the focus. Investment in a single piece of long-form content can yield dozens of spinoff pieces. All you have to do is drill down and focus on specific angles one at a time. Here’s how it looks in action: Write a white paper sharing the results of your survey of your industry. Then slice off sections of that paper and share them one by one in your blog or your e-mail newsletter. Point back to the original white paper for those who want to learn more. You’ll likely need to adjust the tone of the writing for each channel, but that’s nothing compared to the work of starting from scratch. AND you’ve extended the life of your core asset.
  • Change the formula. We’re big on formulas for generating high-quality content quickly. They can also help you present older material in a fresh way. In action: Publish a series of 5 Q&As with thought leaders in your industry on your blog. Include a common question about where they see the industry headed in the coming year. A few months later, take snippets from those interviews and round them up into another blog post predicting what’s ahead.
  • Change the format. Some of your target consumers will like video; others will prefer the written word. Give them all what they want without doubling your workload by adapting your message for each channel. In action: Embed your videos on your blog, with text summaries of the content. The reverse also works: Take your great blog posts and turn them into brief videos or SlideShare posts.

What are your favorite tips to repurpose content marketing assets?


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