Four Tips for Creating Better Content

Four Tips for Creating Better Content What are your content goals for 2016? You probably have an idea of the results you want to get, and of course you always want your content to be useful and engaging.

We’re looking at the new year as a chance to return to our goals, focus on fundamentals, and look for ways to innovate as content marketers. To prep for 2016, I’ve been reading about how to create better content. Here are some of my favorite tips.

Really Learn About Your Audience

“Brands also need to have a solid understanding of the market. They need to know for whom they are writing and the types of content with which these consumers are likely to engage in the purchase funnel. Targeting demand requires a deep understanding of your audience. Data-driven insights, gathered by using first- and third-party data sources, help identify topics and types of content that are likely to perform best. Brands should be intimately familiar with their target audiences. They should know their pain points, their questions and their needs. The content produced across all formats should be tailored specifically for this audience. Each brand will have to determine its market and the demand for different types of content.” — MarketingLand

Determine Your Tone

“If the label fell off… would people know it was you?…Abstract attributes in isolation don’t mean that much, so develop some detail around them. Make them real and practical. For example, if one of your brand values is ‘creative’ — what exactly do you mean? When and how are you creative? What are you creative about? How does your creativity help clients? If one of your brand values is ‘unusual’—what exactly does that mean? In what way are you unusual? How does that quirkiness help clients or customers? Do you solve problems differently? Do you have an approach that exemplifies that ideal in the real world? Flesh out those words with a few sentences or anecdotes.” — Ann Handley

Create Less Content, But Better Content

“‘Produce the minimum amount of content for the maximum amount of results,’ says Robert Rose, the Content Marketing Institute’s chief strategy officer. ‘Too many companies bury themselves in content: sales decks, testimonials, thought leadership articles, case studies. Half of it goes unused or unseen. More content does not mean more leads or business. The equation of ‘the more busy I am, the more successful I am’ is just not true. Reduce the amount of content you’re producing and focus on quality.’” — Medium

Use It Again

“You can use industry data, your own analytics or some combination of the two to highlight what types of content perform best on different networks. When the calendar is being created, you’ll have a sense of smart ways to repurpose one story that’s on your site into content for another medium. Laying this information in a team-circulated cheat sheet empowers cross-department collaborators to make smart suggestions or fast decisions.” — Brafton

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