Focus on People to Make Your HR Tech Content Marketing Shine

Too often, only half of the phrase “HR tech” gets the attention — the tech half. Granted, there are a lot of exciting solutions out there, and we’re looking forward to HR Tech next month. The problem is, it’s easy for all that exciting technology to overshadow its own role, which is connecting people and building relationships.

As a result, content marketing around HR tech can end up being all about features and dashboards and pulses, instead of what it should be about: people. Putting people first in your content marketing is the key to success, we’ve found. We do it ourselves in our Meet the Marketing Masters series, by interviewing some of the outstanding marketers we work with.

Here are three ideas for putting people front and center in your marketing.

Talk to Your Customers

You hear from your customers all the time about their pain points, the problems they want to solve, the questions they have about what’s possible with your product and in your niche. These thoughts can inspire tons of ideas that will serve as the backbone for your content marketing. If your customers are talking about these topics, chances are there are lots of others who are looking for the answers you can provide.

Tip: Get input from your customer success team, not just your sales team. They’re likely to have a different perspective on how to craft a narrative from purchase to implementation to success.

Highlight Your Customers

Many of our customers are likely experts in their own fields. Smart customers can provide useful perspectives and ideas — and your marketing is a great way to amplify their voices.

A noteworthy example of this approach is Allocadia’s #RunMarketing campaign, which highlights and celebrates their customers. They write blog posts, create videos and share photos on social about their customers’ strategies. They make the customer the “hero” of the story.

Here’s one of their recent Instagram posts, showing how a customer “runs marketing like the Hulk”:

Even the Hulk can #RunMarketing like a pro! @jeffreylcohen always puts customers first.

Una foto publicada por Allocadia (@allocadia) el

Tip: Go beyond simple testimonials. Feature customers in your Q&As, tout their successes in case studies, and interview them for your white papers. Share the voices of people you respect and admire, and share their expertise beyond the narrow scope of how they use your product.

Collaborate with Your Customers

B2B content is all about relationships, and working together with your customers to create content helps you both. They want to look good to their peers, so find ways to produce content that elevates both of your brands. Case studies and presentations are a good place to start, but don’t just highlight the role your tech played in customer success.

Wistia does a great job diving deep into the issues their customers are facing and describing how they find solutions. Its Customer Success Stories feature meaty articles full of quotes and photos that provide lots of details about the process.

Tip: Include information about how you worked together and played off each other’s strengths to overcome a challenge. These behind-the-scenes details are what bring content marketing to life, as they give others a clear idea about what it’s like to work with you — not just the results you can provide.

Your development team puts a lot of work into creating tech that will solve HR problems for your customers. Ensuring your content features that tech in real-world stories about people will help you tell your company’s story more effectively.

Looking for more inspiration and tips? Download our white paper, Content Marketing for HR Tech Companies.

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