First, Get to Know Your Customer

Identifying your customer is an essential step in creating a content marketing strategy. How can you develop effective content if you don’t know who you’re addressing? You can’t, and your content marketing won’t reach the target it’s intended for.

This collection of recent articles will help you understand why it’s so important to get to know your customer and learn how to go about doing so.

  • Study: 37% of B2B Marketers Incorporate the ‘Customer Journey’ into Their Strategy by Krystle Vermes at Komarketing Associates: “A new study conducted by Salesforce and LinkedIn titled The State of Marketing Leadership’ has shown that out of the 510 surveyed B2B marketers, 37 percent had incorporated the customer journey into their overall business strategy. In order to create a cohesive customer journey, 75 percent of B2B marketers said that CRM tools were ‘absolutely critical.’ About 82 percent claimed that marketing analytics were ‘very important,’ while 75 percent said the same about content management.‘Customer journey mapping, or illustrating important touch points along the customer journey and the different ways customers might respond to them, will be an important area for marketing leaders to oversee,’ wrote the authors of the study.”
  • Five Big Mistakes That B2B Marketers Make in Driving Leads by Erik Matlick at MarketingProfs: “Like a puppy with a new bone, B2B marketers can get excited about new prospects. They want to contact them right away and often to tell them all about their great products. In B2B marketing, however, there are a limited number of industries that directly correlate with your services. To correct this mistake, slow down. For leads to be turned into long-term customers, marketers have to go slowly and not scare off prospects. Segment lists” Rather than deliver every message to every prospect, break it down and serve the right message to the right audience.”
  • Why an Emotional Approach in B2B Marketing Works from Marketing Interactive: “Ahead of Marketing magazine’s inaugural B2B Marketing conference next week, Melanie Vala, head of web marketing for Asia Pacific at accounting software giant Intuit, talks about using the appropriate approach: ‘With today’s cluttered life of media, social media and bombardment of messages, an emotional connection with a target customer is even more important, especially in a work environment where their purchase decision will potentially have an impact on their professional lives.”
  • B2B Companies: Do You Know Who Your Customer Is? by Marco Nink and John H. Fleming at Gallup Business Journal: “Too often, a lack of knowledge about a customer’s buying center and the roles its members play is a significant blind spot for B2B suppliers. Ensuring that your company fully understands the composition of its buying centers will enable you to position and allocate internal resources more effectively and with better results. Using a disciplined approach to identifying each buying center member and his or her role helps your company understand whether it has properly positioned itself with key players, such as the decision-makers. That positioning is essential if your account teams want to demonstrate how their contributions are key to their customers’ success.
  • The 10 Essential Tips for B2B Marketing Success in a Digital Economy by Dan Newman at Entrepreneur: “The path doesn’t end when someone finds your company online — your efforts are wasted if someone shows up then leaves. Build commitment by making it easy to stay in touch. Make social links easy to spot, so people can Like, Follow or share your content. Create a simple email subscription form for newsletter or blog post distribution. Don’t forget to link to your RSS feed — some people prefer it.”