Content Marketing on LinkedIn Just Got Easier

Content Marketing on LinkedIn Just Got EasierLast month, LinkedIn added new analytics tools for content marketers. These new tools allow B2B marketers to view a breakdown of demographic data on their audience, making way for more targeted posts and more effective messaging. With this update, LinkedIn is seeking to more firmly establish the site as a trusted source for content.

This week, I’ve put together some articles and blog posts about the benefits of content marketing on LinkedIn and how the new analytics features will enhance the relationship between marketer and audience.

5 Underutilized LinkedIn Features B2B Marketers May Be Missing Out On, by Kelsey Jones via KoMarketing: “LinkedIn is allowing more and more individuals into its long-form content publishing platform on a rolling basis. If you don’t already have a personal blog or website, publishing posts on LinkedIn is an awesome way to strengthen your own personal branding, as well as the opportunity to represent your company on LinkedIn. Most people know about this option, but not enough are taking advantage of it. The publisher is pretty open when it comes to what can be published, including a featured cover photo for each post, and the ability to link, insert photos, and format the text, just like you would in a normal CMS or blog WYSIWYG editor. In addition, LinkedIn provides performance metrics on article views and social media engagement.”

The Definitive Guide to a LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy, by Andrea Fryrear via MarketerGizmo: “Content marketing centered around increasing a reader’s knowledge could include new research (your own or coverage of someone else’s), breaking industry news, case studies, or best practices. Decision-driven content should make it easier for a content revolutionary to make some sort of professional decision. This might be a choice about career advancement, professional software, handling workplace politics, or generally succeeding as a professional. Ideally this type of content marketing will be brief and concise. Bonus points if it’s produced by a business leader, industry luminary, or influencer.”

LinkedIn Adds Robust Analytics for Content Marketers, by Kimberlee Morrison via SocialTimes: “The addition of a suite of analytics seems a logical progression to LinkedIn’s efforts to make the site a content destination, not just a place to host their resume and make business connections. With that focus, it needed to provide tools for users to post better content, and the new analytics for publishers does just that. Every network, whether it’s Periscope, Snapchat, or LinkedIn, is becoming a publishing platform. When users are given the opportunity to publish content, they will take full advantage of it and the analytics program allows them a data driven solution to cultivating a catalog of content on the site. Much in the same way every company is now a big data company, every company is now a content company.”

3 Ways to Secure Customers and Top Talent with LinkedIn, by Sebastian Rodriguez via The Berry Company: “Think of your brand as a virtual guarantee that helps develop trust while differentiating you from your competitors. Remember that for many consumers perception is reality. This trust in your brand can give you an edge over your competitors, especially in local markets. LinkedIn simplifies the page-building process with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials. When you’re done reading this blog, get started with your company page….Essentially, content marketing educates or inspires consumers. You use it to deliver valuable, relevant information that buyers can absorb without purchasing any products/services. Think of it like this — you visit a health fair, and a dentist hands you a free toothbrush with a guide on how to keep your mouth healthy. The dentist gave you this valuable resource without any investment from your end.”

8 Effective LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketing, by Mandy McEwen via Mod Girl Marketing: “Sometimes prospects come to you. Other times, you’ve got to take the initiative and see what you can dig up. LinkedIn’s advanced search lets you find the most qualified leads. From the header menu, click the ‘search people’ icon and check off the ‘advanced’ option. Focus on the center column, which lets you filter your search by location, connection level, current and past companies, industry, school, and nonprofit interests. Once you find criteria that works, click on ‘save search’ in the upper right corner to maintain access to a steady stream of B2B leads. You can save up to three searches and set alerts to new members who meet your needs.”

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