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When it comes to B2B marketing, it’s all about the connection. People were talking a lot about the B2B connection this week, offering insight on how to keep it human while using social media, videos and other content marketing efforts. No matter what kind of technology we use to reach others, B2B experts agree that it’s not going to be effective unless there’s already some kind of human connection to build on. Read on to learn how to foster that human connection in your marketing efforts.make connection wtih content marketing

  • Ingredients of top B2B content marketing strategies on LinkedIn by Roger Katz at ClickZ: “Brand awareness, customer acquisition, and lead generation are top B2B content marketing priorities. But B2B content marketers have long struggled with the issue of reaching a specific person, not a nameless user, and engaging that user in a conversation through more powerful content and targeting. Today, through the vast tools available and lessons learned from Facebook’s innovations in social brand marketing, B2B content marketers can achieve great success by targeting the right content to the right person on LinkedIn. Targeting content both on- and off-site based on LinkedIn personas opens up a rich new world of content marketing opportunity.”
  • 5 ways social media insights can influence your B2B marketing by Carter Hostelley at CMSWire: “You probably have a better sense of how to market to someone you’ve actually met than anyone who’s name and email address happens to be in your database. Now imagine if you could meet with everyone in that database. Well, clearly that’s not possible unless it has less than 100 people in it, and even then, that’s a lot of morning lattes!
    The good news is there’s another way. Why not leverage social media to gain insights into what your target buyer is talking about, what content they’re sharing, and who most influences them? It’s not the same as connecting one on one, instead it’s more akin to walking through a party listening to conversations and seeing whom different folks gravitate to. But what a great way to get a sense of who to approach and how to engage them, right?”
  • 10 Twitter tips for B2B social media marketing by Ben Green at Business2Community: “Join the conversation. Once you’re following customers, prospects, and industry opinion leaders, post tweets that add information or a new perspective to their existing conversations. Jumping in out of the blue with off-topic comments about your own product or company is a recipe for getting ignored.”
  • Video ‘short-shorts’: A good fit for marketing? by Jon VanZile at BtoBOnline: “There’s no doubt that Twitter is a popular channel for businesses, but opinions are divided as to whether short-short videos (less than 30 seconds) are useful for B2B marketers. ‘There’s absolutely a use for this,’ said Debra Bouchegnies, a social media strategist and consultant at Kitterman Marketing Group. ‘This tool is like any other tool. The marketers who are going to get attention and build relationships are those who can find interesting ways to use these new tools. It shows you’re creative. It makes a statement about the business.’ Short videos are also useful for gaining organic search attention, since Google rewards videos with high placements in query results.”
  • What B2B buyers really want by Robert Minskoff at Business2Community: “Buyers, like most people, do utilize today’s technology. But making informed buying decisions still requires a competent, polished, sales professional to convey the message(s) that buyers need to hear that can otherwise get lost in a sea of information. Now, some of you may be asking yourself why are you writing in a blog about why buyers don’t read or care about blogs. Well, good question. The simple answer is that I write for my own self-improvement and enjoyment. I also write to help other sales professionals be better sale people. If a by-product happens to be a new client or customer, then great. But that is NOT my intention for writing. So go ahead blog, tweet, and post. But be very aware that there is still a large segment of the B2B buying population that places very little importance on that type of content. Selling is a human interaction. Be human.”

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