Content Marketing News Roundup: Hiring a Content Marketer Edition

As we often write here, content marketing isn’t just a trend. It’s here to stay and now represents a sustainable career path for talented writers, editors and other professionals with the skills to conceive of and create the content people crave.

This week’s news roundup is about hiring a content marketer, the job market in the field and the opportunities for talented professionals.

  • What Managers Look for in Content Marketing Hires by Ayaz Nanji at MarketingProfs: “Most managers (94.5%) say writing and editing skills are one of the main qualities they look for in content marketing hires, according to a recent report from Kapost. Other key qualities cited by hiring managers include the following: the ability to collaborate across departments/teams (64.6% say that’s important), previous marketing experience (56.9%), a solid understanding of sales and marketing structure (44.8%), SEO experience (38.1%), and video production skills (10.5%).”
  • 15 Impressive Content Marketing Hiring Stats by Amanda Nelson at Salesforce: “54% of companies plan to increase their content marketing teams, however, 83% say finding those hires is a difficult task. These stats and more come from a recent study by content marketing software provider, Kapost, which shows the huge growth potential of hiring in the content marketing space.”
  • Content Marketing Recruiting Trends at Ironpaper: “It does not appear that hiring new recruits in the field will be easy for businesses, with 83.7% claiming that hiring for content marketing is difficult. The most desired skill within the content marketing profession is writing / editing and 94.5% of companies state it is an important skill set they seek in a candidate.”
  • How To Hire Effective Content Marketing Writers and Editors by Grant Butler at Content Marketing Institute: “First, be sure your candidates can write. That may sound trite, but you’d be amazed how many people present well and have appropriate resumes, but lack a real aptitude for writing. And be warned, journalists can be published for years and even rise high despite having mediocre writing skills. Their saviors are the bosses and copy editors who fix their spelling, grammar, and even facts.”
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