Content Marketing News Roundup: Event Marketing Edition

At Rep Cap, we love live events! They’re rich sources of content and a great way to get people excited about brands, trade associations and causes. Savvy marketers can use event-related content to get people engaged before, during and long after the event itself.

With that in mind, this week’s Content Marketing News Roundup brings you five articles about the powerful connection between content and event marketing.

  • Live Events: A Marketing Goldmine For You! by Juan Pablo Castro at Business 2 Community: “So even though you and I, as marketers, can leverage the power of online marketing and profit greatly from it, we can enjoy even more success by adding in-person events to our marketing toolbox. And we can create a powerful synergy that will help increase our sales in a big way when we use online marketing technologies to effectively promote live events, and then effectively use the event to bring attention to our powerful online marketing presence.”
  • How To Use Social Media To Make An Impact At Your Next Trade Show by Timothy Carter at Small Business Trends: “Twitter’s influence continues to grow as does the number of trade show events and attendees using Twitter. If your target customers are the least bit tech oriented, smart phone carriers, then Twitter should be part of your social media marketing strategy for your next trade show.”
  • The ‘Propinquity Of A Handshake’: Taking B2B Online Conversations Into Offline Conversions by My Say at Forbes: “Our goal here is to talk about creating a clear cross roads between content and event marketing, and how to, for example, take a series of thought leadership and make it an effective tool for conversions that drop to the bottom line. In essence, solving the problem as to why less than half (42%) of B2B content marketers feel their strategy is effective.”
  • Marketing Automation Tools for Smaller Tasks by Mathew Sweezey at ClickZ: “Finally, you’ll need an event tool to handle registrations, and automate check-in at events. I’ve used Eventbrite for years, and LOVE IT. It automates all of the backend processes of an event. It is free to use as long as you are not charging for your event. It also has an iPhone app that allows you to use your phone to check people in and keep up with who signed up, who attended, and who didn’t show. It also has integrations into email tools like MailChimp.”

Want to learn more about event marketing? Watch our webinar on “Creating Killer Event Content” with Curtis Midkiff, Sarah Atkinson and Laurie Ruettimann or download our white paper on the topic:How to Use Content Marketing at Your Next Event