Content Marketing for HR Consultants: An Interview with Stan Kimer

Content Marketing for HR Consultants: An Interview with Stan KimerStan Kimer is president of Total Engagement Consulting by Kimer, which helps companies with employee engagement and diversity issues. I contacted him to talk about his company’s content marketing strategy. He says HR consultants and other companies need to be comfortable aiming past the “gatekeepers” with their marketing strategy and finding a message that reaches the people who make the real decisions.

How would you describe your brand in five words or less?

Innovative diversity and career services.

What role does content play in your marketing strategy?

Actually as a consultant, content has to be a key foundational component of my marketing strategy! I have to establish market credibility as a knowledgeable expert in my field in order to be believed and engaged. Also the content has to succinctly express how my services can meet a pressing business need. Frequent blogs, guest articles and press quotes need to demonstrate there is significant, meaningful substance in my consulting.

How do you define success in your marketing strategy overall?

I define marketing success as connecting me to and building a pipeline of meaningful strong prospects who will engage me in a real discussion of their business requirement to I can address how I can meet that need. The big trick in marketing is to go beyond the point of “gatekeepers” to get to those key decision makers who can listen to what I have to offer and then either make the decision to engage me within a big corporation, advocate strongly enough to get the funding and all the signoffs. My goal is that key decision makers will read my content and then truly want to do business with me.

What types of content does your business produce? Why did you choose those types?

I engage in multiple types of content. I offer to speak for free at Human Resource Group meetings so that prospective clients can see me in action and conclude that I do know what I am talking about. I blog once or twice per month on my website about relevant current topics in diversity and career development as well as write a monthly guest blog post for another website.

I use HARO and other sources to locate journalists and writers who need to find expert opinions for articles in my area of expertise. And finally I send out a robust meaningful newsletter nine to 10 times per year with truly useful information for the readers. I chose these types because they are diverse and can reach different audiences, and they can highlight my expertise in a meaningful way.

What’s been your biggest challenge in developing and executing your content marketing strategy?

I do not have a shortage of material and seem to have a nice pipeline of items I can blog about, which I bet is the most common challenge. For me the challenge is writing and packaging the content in such a way that it grabs people and makes them want to read and share it around. I may get frustrated when I write a blog post, share it on LinkedIn and Facebook and maybe get 15 people to read it. What was exciting was when I wrote something real catchy like “Five Things to Never Say to Gay Person” and it went semi-viral and got over 500 readers.

What’s your favorite piece of advice for other small-business owners considering using content to market their businesses?

Make sure you are truly passionate about the content you are creating, and then offer something that is unique and differentiates your content from others.

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