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Content Marketing for Events

Content marketing is people-powered. And often all of those people who help power your content are at your live events.

In-person events have always played an important role in B2B marketing. They are powerful brand builders and provide opportunities for meaningful face-to-face connections with partners and customers in a digitally dominated world.

And yet, even though the majority of marketers say they spend at least a quarter of their marketing budget on events, many B2B marketers don’t fully reap the benefits of this huge line item in their budget.

These events can provide a deep — and largely untapped — source of thought-leadership content for your marketing campaigns. To build a content marketing engine, you have to strategically approach events as the content goldmine that they are.

Because while real-time content can be powerful, post-event is where the real magic happens. You spent all that time, money and resources to pull off an amazing event, so why let it go to waste?

This guide walks you through how to maximize the impact of your event through content, before, during and after the big day or week.

Identify content channels.

Create staffing plans.

Design templates.

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