Conference Content Marketing: How Event Exhibitors and Sponsors Can Get in the Content Game

Conference Content Marketing: How Event Exhibitors and Sponsors Can Get in the Content GameTrade shows and industry conferences are big opportunities to generate interesting, quality content that organizers can promote well beyond the week of the event.

But conference content creation isn’t just for the event organizers. Even if your company isn’t running the event, you can take advantage of the content coming out of it.

Sponsors and exhibitors can make the most of time at a conference by thinking like content marketers. When the exhibit hall closes, or when foot traffic to your booth slows, don’t sit back and catch up on email. Instead, use your down time to create content.

Conference Content Ideas for Exhibitors and Sponsors

Attend sessions.

You’re not just there to sell your product or service — you’re there to participate as an active member of the industry. Get information from event organizers ahead of time about if, and when, exhibitors may attend keynotes, sessions and discussions.

Often, each exhibiting company receives one full-conference pass. Take advantage of that opportunity by sending a member of your team to relevant sessions. Take good notes that you can turn into blog posts after the show.


Show your customers at home that you’re an active part of your industry by tweeting from the event. Live tweet from the sessions you attend. Post behind-the-scenes pictures from the exhibit hall floor. Publicize your giveaways and conference promotions.

Don’t just push your company, though. In social media as in real life, no one likes the person who spends all their time talking about themselves.

Interview attendees.

You’ll have a steady stream of industry insiders walking past your booth. Instead of focusing on the hard sell, work on engaging new connections.

Ask them questions about their biggest challenges, what they’re learning and what they’re looking for at the event. Then, with their permission, incorporate their answers into videos, blog posts or social media content.

Share your thought leadership.

A trade show is a great venue to unveil or promote your company’s thought leadership content. Use your new white paper, case study or research report as an incentive for attendees: everyone who drops their card at your booth will receive your content in a post-event email.

Lead with your expertise and your prospects will respect you as an industry leader, not just another booth where they can score free swag.

Looking for more ways to incorporate content into events? Download our white paper, “How to Turn Your Next Event into a Content Goldmine.”

How to Use Content Marketing at Your Next Event

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