Why Personal Connections Matter in Content Marketing

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, we find ourselves focused on the connections we have with others. Our connections aren’t limited to family and friends, of course — the personal touch is a vital part of business relationships, particularly when it comes to B2B marketing. This week, we gathered articles that examine the importance […]

First, Get to Know Your Customer

Identifying your customer is an essential step in creating a content marketing strategy. How can you develop effective content if you don’t know who you’re addressing? You can’t, and your content marketing won’t reach the target it’s intended for. This collection of recent articles will help you understand why it’s so important to get to […]

How To Reach 4 Different Kinds Of Thinkers With Your Content

This is an excerpt of a post that originally appeared on Forbes on Oct. 24, 2014. This year, I’ve been lucky enough to be participate in a leadership program run by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber. We’re only two sessions in, but the experience is already changing my perspective about my role in our community. It has […]

Rep Cap Press Publishes ‘HR Tech Field Guide’

We launched our digital publishing arm, Rep Cap Press, in June with the publication of “I Am HR: 5 Strategic Ways to Break Stereotypes and Reclaim HR”  by Laurie Ruettimann. Since then we’ve been thrilled with the e-book’s success and readers’ positive reactions to Laurie’s work. Now we’re excited to announce the publication of our […]

Association Members Share the Content They Most Value

We’ve been looking at tactics associations can use to identify their audiences, gauge those audiences’ interests and use content to more effectively connect with them. Recently I reached out to association members to find out what kind of content they’re receiving and learn what’s most effective and interesting to them. Here’s what I found they […]