content for the C-suite China Gorman

China Gorman is a heavyweight in the world of HR and HR leadership. She’s a former CEO of the Great Place to Work Institute, a former COO and interim CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management, a professional association with more than 275,000 members, and she has been leading and growing businesses since 1985. […]

Pro Tips for Effectively Targeting Your Audience

One of the biggest mistakes B2B marketers make is failing to target their audience with the content they create and share. Creating high-quality content that doesn’t serve your audience misses the point and makes waste of a lot of hard work and effort. To help you be more effective in targeting your audience, I’ve gathered […]

Buyer Personas for B2B Software Marketing: Are You Creating Content for the Right People?

Even before you create a content marketing strategy for your B2B software, it’s essential you understand your target buyers. Although you’re selling to other businesses, remember that all marketing is person-to-person. You ultimately have to convince individual decision makers your software is the right solution to their problems. Each of these buyers will be looking […]

Why Personal Connections Matter in Content Marketing

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, we find ourselves focused on the connections we have with others. Our connections aren’t limited to family and friends, of course — the personal touch is a vital part of business relationships, particularly when it comes to B2B marketing. This week, we gathered articles that examine the importance […]

First, Get to Know Your Customer

Identifying your customer is an essential step in creating a content marketing strategy. How can you develop effective content if you don’t know who you’re addressing? You can’t, and your content marketing won’t reach the target it’s intended for. This collection of recent articles will help you understand why it’s so important to get to […]