Oracle Wins Award for Building Community Through Content

Developer communities are some of the oldest forums on the Internet. They’re places for programmers and developers to swap software code, tips and tricks. Open source communities such as GitHub are popular with a wide variety of developers, while smaller communities may focus on a certain company’s products. Worldwide software giant Oracle has its own […]

Use Data to Boost Your Email Marketing ROI

Collecting, analyzing and employing meaningful data is extremely valuable to any content marketing effort. Paying attention to what your measurements are telling you and adjusting your tactics accordingly can make a huge difference in your return on investment. This week, I’ve collected some articles and blog posts that will show you how to use data to boost […]

5 Tips for How to Use Content Marketplaces Effectively

Content marketplaces connect organizations that need content — written, visual or video — with people who can produce it quickly. For companies that find it difficult to produce content consistently in-house, a content marketplace can help fill the gap. These platforms help organizations commission content from a wide range of content producers, either directly or […]

How to Use HARO to Find Expert Sources for Content Marketing

I wrote last week about producing top-quality content. One of the ways to ensure the content you create is high quality is to approach it like a journalist — use expert sources and quotes to support your points. Whether you’re creating an infographic, putting together a webinar or writing a blog post or white paper, expert […]

4 Marketing Tools We Can’t Live Without

This time last year, we shared four marketing tools we love: Read how we use Zapier, PicMonkey, Hootsuite and HARO to boost our marketing processes. Now, there are four more tools we just have to share. These tools help us keep our marketing operation alive, and make life easier for us as a distributed team […]

Confused About Marketing Automation? 3 Tips to Make Marketing Automation Less Stressful

Earlier this month, we shared tips on choosing marketing automation software and making it work for your organization. At Rep Cap, we help B2B clients with content marketing, but we don’t just produce content — we make sure our clients have all of the systems and processes they need to turn content into conversions. This […]