content design trends kelsey gallagher

One thing I’ve learned working in content strategy: Words are just the beginning. It takes great design to transform words on a screen into dynamic content that readers can find, easily read and will want to share. Our team depends on content designers to supercharge everything we write. One of those all-star designers is Kelsey […]

4 Quick Tips for Mastering Mobile-Friendly Emails

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Email. Isn’t. Dead. It’s a workhorse channel for many marketers’ for good reason. Marketers consistently rank email as the most effective tactic for building awareness, acquisition, conversion and retention. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email sees the highest ROI for direct marketers at $39 for […]

Why Your Blog Shouldn't Be a Separate Website

Today, we’re getting into content marketing nuts and bolts: How to set up your company blog so it’s an integral, seamless part of your website. I often see startups that have beautifully designed websites — and then separate, last-minute blogs that look and read like afterthoughts. It’s unfortunate, because treating your blog like something that’s […]


Video platforms such as YouTube and Snapchat are hugely popular with millennials, which is helping them become even more popular vehicles for content marketing. Video content is a great way to give your brand’s content a human touch, and connect with your customers and prospects on a more personal level. The downside is videos can […]